A First Post


I don’t really know how to head this first post, to be honest.  How are you SUPPOSED to head it?  “Hello there” sounds stalker-like, “hi” sounds too casual; not that I want this to be formal, which is why I’ve not too keen on using just “hello.”  And, by the way, sorry if this beginning sounds odd and overwritten; it seems that, in writing a blog, the more overwritten you get, the cooler you seem to sound to yourself.  It’s very different from typing out stories aimlessly on my computer, never really editing, never correcting misspelled words.  I’ve tried writing out outlines and plot maps and other sensible ways of organizing my writing, but none seem to work.  I have these crazy ideas, and I write them down on paper and lose track of them completely.  Sometimes they work with my stories, sometimes they don’t. On a blog, however, you’re not just writing stuff to look at yourself, to do whatever you want with.  You’re writing in the hopes that others will look at your posts and think about them.  You’re writing because you want people who you’ve never met, who you probably never will (but might) to be able to hear what you’ve written, I guess.  I’ll have to figure this out as I go along.  Wish me luck!  (Not really.  I’m just writing this in the hopes of achieving a somewhat nice ending to a rather awkward beginning.  Please bear with me. 🙂 )



About talesfromtheflatlands

hm. how to start...? i'm a middle schooler caught in the middle of typical dramas and trying to balance work, friends, disorganization, and all that good stuff. yeah. enough said on that front... i live in a somewhat boring neighborhood in a somewhat interesting city chock-full of chain stores and odd buildings. i have a brother, parents, and a cat, and (not to be forgotten) a rag doll. i love tea, hot chocolate (see my blog for my recipe), collages, creative writing, bake sales, dystopian novels, Jane Eyre, Glee, Top Chef All-Stars (vehemently cheering on Antonia...), snickerdoodles, The Beatles, old movies, chatting with books falling out of my arms on the way to class, debates, and education reform. the list goes on... well? what about you? great to meet you, whoever's reading this... have a nice rest of day. -talesfromtheflatlands

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