staying up late


I stayed up late last night, with my cousins.  I don’t know what it was; there was something SO great about playing pick-up sticks and blasting Rhianna music at two A.M. in the morning, something so exhilarating.  M parents were asleep.  Everyone in the house–my little brother, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, the dog–they were all asleep, and they couldn’t stop us from doing ANYTHING.  Well.  I guess it all depends on how you define “anything.”

To us, anything meant watching the sixth Harry Potter movie, unloading the dishwasher and mixing a batch of blueberry muffins, fast-forwarding so that we could rewatch the part when Ginny kisses Harry.  I DO love a good romantic scene, cheesy or not.  Who doesn’t?

We were in the middle of making our blueberry muffins (as a “surprise”; although we were probably so tired at that point that we didn’t even know what we were doing), using a recipe book which had our recipe on one page and a different recipe on the other.  I absolutely LOVE to bake, but my baking escapades, as mentioned on my ‘about’ page, always seem to involve a dramatic mess-up.  Because of the presence of our older cousin, this didn’t involve any such thing (adding twice the amount of eggs that we were supposed to, not preheating the oven, spilling a full bag of sugar on the ground, realizing after having done EVERYTHING ELSE that we didn’t have butter, making mix-brownies and adding 12 cups of water instead of 1/2–but these are all other stories…) but we came pretty close with The Cinnamon Incident, when I thought that we needed cinnamon because I’d been looking at the wrong recipe, spent 10 minutes trying to find it, found it, was triumphant, realized it was the wrong recipe, went hysterical with laughter.  I guess you’d have to be there.  But, then again, you can probably imagine the scene.  3 cousins, myself, my like-aged cousin, my older cousin–we were all gathered around the kitchen counter, trying to find what we needed in cuboards of pots and pans, poking around, occasionally dropping stuff, improvising buttermilk, what have you.

Blueberry muffins at three A.M. for all!



About talesfromtheflatlands

hm. how to start...? i'm a middle schooler caught in the middle of typical dramas and trying to balance work, friends, disorganization, and all that good stuff. yeah. enough said on that front... i live in a somewhat boring neighborhood in a somewhat interesting city chock-full of chain stores and odd buildings. i have a brother, parents, and a cat, and (not to be forgotten) a rag doll. i love tea, hot chocolate (see my blog for my recipe), collages, creative writing, bake sales, dystopian novels, Jane Eyre, Glee, Top Chef All-Stars (vehemently cheering on Antonia...), snickerdoodles, The Beatles, old movies, chatting with books falling out of my arms on the way to class, debates, and education reform. the list goes on... well? what about you? great to meet you, whoever's reading this... have a nice rest of day. -talesfromtheflatlands

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