pleasing summer day


(insert I-will-most-definitely-post-more-often-sorry-for-the-lack-of-posting-spiel here)

Well.  Hi.  It’s summer, in case you haven’t noticed.  Or is it just me that’s only now sort of, for lack of a better description, pleasantly accepting the fact that no, I don’t have to wake up at 7 am, I can stop having dreams–nightmares!!–about ominous teachers and unfinished assignments, the “social pecking order” (-Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules.  Really deep stuff, right?), cafeteria food and jerks and craziness.  For me, though, the pleasant acceptance takes a while.  Here’s how it goes:

First, I get out of school, torn between being overcome with excitement–rushing about giggling and thinking about all the things that I’ll do–and being relieved.  I settle for the easier option–number two–because my mind is still sort of in the yearbook-signing-awkward-hugs-sentimental-see-ya-next-year-mode.  So I put away my self-concious-middle-schooler wardrobe and throw on a big t-shirt with Skyline Chili printed on the front in big, blue letters, then settle in for an episode of Glee.  Or two.  Which all makes me feel perhaps undeservedly (is that a word?  huh.  guess so) satisfied with myself, because I’m not watching an episode of Glee and feeling guilty because I was supposed to wait until I finished that assignment–no, I’m watching Glee with this light feeling of I Made It!.  This feeling is, I guess, something that some slacker who never turned anything in could feel, too, but to me, the I Made It is more of a reflection on, I dunno, the moments I made it through.  To list a few–

That project I did in an evening.  The test I stayed up until 11:45 studying for and managed to pull through even though I tend to sort of zone out around 9:00.  That really bad grade I got, where I was all melodramatic and preppy-schoolgirl-my-life-is-over-ish.  The lunch I had to skip, the day when I threw my thermos into the trash can once and my friends and I had to fish it out (actually that might have been more of a moment of triumph–except for the part when everyone stared.  But it’s fun to be stared at sometimes.)  Oh–the crazy car project that class after class almost-fails-but-barely-pulls-through.  I was being driven in at 7 every morning to try and get my dysfunctional lights to work, then my motor, then realizing with less than a day left that you need to add extras, and coloring the lights blue and green.  In retrospect, it doesn’t sound too bad.  Sort of like a bad dream that, when you try to explain it later, comes out all mixed-up and odd, because you can’t remember what happened in the middle, all you can remember is that a balloon was eaten my a shark at one point–or you can remember but you nobody seems to understand what makes this quirky dream into a nightmare. Anyway.  Lots of crazy moments, and now, finally, I’ve MADE IT.

Then I get this weird other feeling, like a metallic, unpleasant aftertaste to a really good meal.  What happens is the other thoughts are kind of cut off, and suddenly I think, Uh…what do I do now?  Which is totally dumb considering all the stuff I could do–write something, blog, bake, read, press the play button and watch an episode of Glee.   So I do.  But I still have this weird feeling.

The next morning, I’ll wake up thinking something totally cliche, like I’ve overslept!  or What about school?  I’ll realize it’s break, go through the I Made It/Uh…what do I do now? cycle, look through my yearbook, look through my yearbook again, try to go back to sleep because it’s only 7:30 and I can finally sleep in, give up after 15 minutes of lying to one side with my eyes closed, look through my yearbook again.  God, writing this makes it all sound so depressing!  The title of the post is ‘pleasing summer day’!

Well, fast forward to a few weeks later.  Here I am, at my grandparents’ house.  This sounds unbelievably corny, but vacation at my grandparents house is the perfect antidote for I Made It/Uh… syndrome.  I mean, if anything can get you into summer mode, it’s baking (marmalade cake and chocolate peanut-butter cookies), 3rd of July BBQ with juicy, perfect hamburgers on toasted buns (3rd of July because it was the last day my cousins were in town–I liked the defying-conventional-traditions flair, even though I don’t think that was exactly the point), movies (original Karate Kid, Knight and Day, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2, Despicable Me, Valentines Day, the last half of Inception–cause who needs to actually understand the already-confusing plot when you’ve got a cute guy as the main character who keeps mumbling about dreams within dreams?–and Shrek Forever After), getting sprayed with the hose in the backyard, eating at our favorite Greek restaurant, oh, and the best part!  I got to meet Zoe, the writer of “she came from planet z” (Sorry!!  I can’t get the link thingy to work…but you can find her blog in my blogroll) which was really fun!  We ate brunch and walked around and talked about school and quirks and, I dunno, life?  I’m trying not to sound like a nervous parent (they talked about school and extracurricular interests and family life) or an annoying middle schooler (we talked about…stuff? I dunno.).  But before I go off on another tangent, I wanted to post a picture.

zoe and i meet up....(blogger-to-blogger meet-up, i guess....) really fun!!!

So yeah.  In conclusion, summer is almost as crazy as school, but in a different, more relaxed way.  I hope you’re also starting to get over I Made It!/Uh….what do I do now? syndrome.  If not, good luck.  And if you have already, hope your summer’s going great, whether you’ve chosen the relaxed or the excited approach to things.

– a thoroughly summer-ified talesfromtheflatlands


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hm. how to start...? i'm a middle schooler caught in the middle of typical dramas and trying to balance work, friends, disorganization, and all that good stuff. yeah. enough said on that front... i live in a somewhat boring neighborhood in a somewhat interesting city chock-full of chain stores and odd buildings. i have a brother, parents, and a cat, and (not to be forgotten) a rag doll. i love tea, hot chocolate (see my blog for my recipe), collages, creative writing, bake sales, dystopian novels, Jane Eyre, Glee, Top Chef All-Stars (vehemently cheering on Antonia...), snickerdoodles, The Beatles, old movies, chatting with books falling out of my arms on the way to class, debates, and education reform. the list goes on... well? what about you? great to meet you, whoever's reading this... have a nice rest of day. -talesfromtheflatlands

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  1. That is really cool Liza! Thanks for following my blog too 🙂 Are we still having the dinner party on sunday?

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