I’d say that I have two dominating personalities.  One is called Idiosyncratic.  Idiosyncratic, in case you didn’t know, means one of a kind, sort of.  I’m one of a kind when I drink decaf tea with lemon and honey, bake cookies (all of which tend to include some soap-opera like mess up, some of which burn, others of which taste great), wear mismatched outfits that nobody quite GETS, write, blast Simon and Garfunkel and Suzanne Vega music on my vintage CD player as I do my homework, watch romantic comedies, and read books on educational reform.

The other is Inhibited.  Self-concious.  I have awkward habits of looking at myself in the mirror, of changing my outfit various times, of worrying and worrying that I look like a little kid, of getting jealous for no reason at all.  One day, I’ll wake up and I’ll find absolutely NOTHING that I want to wear in my closet, despite the mounds and mounds of dirty socks and crumpled t-shirts that clutter up the floor.  I’ll put on a black shirt and jeans, convinced that I look awful, and then I’ll desperately run a staticky brush through my hair.  This, of course, is when I’ll take time to spot out the red spot on my nose, or the marks from sleeping, or tell myself over and over I don’t look good, I don’t look good, in a way that only a kid can.  You might know what I mean, but if you don’t, it’s one of those things that makes you believe it more and more the more you say it.

Why did I create “Tales from the Flatlands”?  Because I wanted to be able to voice my writing in a public space.  Because I’ve been spending far too much time clicking around on my email and would like to spend that time doing something more worthwhile.  Because it’s a cool concept, and I’ve always been interested.

Please enjoy reading my various posts.  I won’t tell you to pleasepleaseplease comment, because that drives me crazy, but I will say that I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you have.  Voice your opinions!



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