Don’t ask.  I just felt like doing this.  Listwriting can be really satisfying sometimes.

Favorite foods…

-my dad’s bulgarian yogurt soup

-nigel slater’s frosted marmalade cake, when it comes out right 🙂

-mahi mahi tacos

-salsa verde.  not on its own, but with ANYTHING.  Eggs, black beans, tortillas, whatever.

-mom’s chocolate pudding

-on the subject of chocolate…a REALLY GOOD homemade chocolate cake eaten the day after it was made.

-mushroom cream sauce

-REALLY GOOD sushi.  really bad sushi, though, is one of my least favorites.  blech.

-greek sandwich.  try Zorbas, in washington d.c.  HEAVEN.

-a doner (which is this epic, huge, crazy turkish sandwich where you say you’ll eat it all yourself and never do.)

Favorite books…

overall, probably The Absoloutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian (Sherman Alexie) which does a really good job of capturing, both in writing and drawing and the general tone of the book, isolation and sometimes frusturated helplessness.

Each Little Bird that Sings (Deborah Wiles) is one of those books that you know means something more than the written “meaning” but you can’t quite seem to get at it.  I love these books.

Sold (Patricia McCormick) is poetic and disturbing.  Beautiful writing.

Speak (Laurie Halse Anderson).  A genre that isn’t too uncommon now, but the fact that a) this was one of the first books to really touch on this topic, and b) the author executes it so beautifully, without a hint of overwriting, makes this book great.

Monster (Walter Dean Myers), on the other hand, is a very uniquely written, raw, and unflinching kind of book by a unique, raw, and unflinching kind of author when it comes to the books he tends to write.  It’s a courtroom drama kind of thing, but what’s interesting is that the “protagonist” is quite possibly guitly.

Love, Aubrey (Suzanne LaFleur) should be a classic in the “getting over tradgedy” selection.  It’s so innocent compared to its companions today, full of self-destruction, drugs, alcohol, whatever else–but this actually makes it more, for lack of a better word, meaningful.

Unwind (Neil Shusterman.  Dystopian.  It was actually sort of mediocre right up until and after this one chapter, which makes the whole read worth it.)

When You Reach Me (Rebecca Stead).  Believe me–you’ll never read another book like this one.

An Abundance of Katherines (John Green).  Definitely trumps Looking for Alaska, his other book.  It’s a sort of quirky, random friendship/coming of age kind of story, if you take away the typical cheesiness and add interesting characters, a great premise, and details that usually don’t get included in realistic fic. but actually make the whole story so much more interesting.

Also, I liked The Mysterious Benedict Society, (Trenton Lee Stewart), which is one of those books I read in third grade or something, but I remember it being really fun and engaging so I’ll put it up here.

I guess I’ll keep putting more lists up here….but I’ll leave it at that for now.   Enjoy, I guess.  🙂



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